Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional Consultation: Dental Health

What you eat plays a major role in preventing or promoting dental caries or gum diseases. In dentistry, too many sweets, juice and even sports drinks can damage your teeth. The inability to take the right amount of nutrients can also make your mouth prone to infections.

There is a need for brushing, flossing and regular dental check-up to maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums.  But what we eat and drink on a daily basis can also have a role to play on the teeth, gums, and the overall dental health.

What to Watch Out For

  • A diet that has too much sugar and carbohydrates can be a precursor for dental cavity. These foods can cause bacteria in the mouth which can increase the risk for bad breath, cavities, and gingivitis.
  • Lack of vitamin D and calcium can weaken the teeth.
  • Sports drinks that are too acidic or contain too much sugar can increase tooth decay. There is also a high probability that the enamel can be eroded.

How to Reduce the Risk of Tooth Decay

  • Take time to read the labels of the food that you are going to buy. Limit foods that contain high amounts of sugars and carbohydrates.
  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats can help clean the remaining food particles and sugars during chewing. These foods can promote saliva production which rinses the teeth of food particles. The saliva also acts as a neutralizer to the acids from the sweets.
  • Eat foods rich in calcium and phosphorus because they help re-mineralize the teeth.
  • Drinks that do not contain sugar are those that can help prevent tooth decay. Artificial sweeteners do not contribute to tooth decay.
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly after a meal. This will remove the sugars and food particles stuck in your tooth.
  • Chew on sugarless gum to promote saliva production that can help neutralize the acid in your mouth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly.

Healthy Snacks that Will Not Harm Your Teeth

  • Fruits
  • Raw vegetables
  • Salad
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Plain yogurt
  • Plain milk
  • Nuts

Relationship among Diet, Nutrition and Oral Health and Disease

There is well documented  relationship between what you eat and your oral health. Diet affects your teeth, the pH in your mouth, and plaque build-up.
You are what you eat. Not only will it be evident on your mouth, but also in your overall health as well.

By following a healthy diet and following what your dentist taught you about proper oral hygiene, your teeth will remain healthy.
Please ask your dental specialist at SunnyView Dental regarding a nutritional consultation.  We will review your current diet and suggest ways in which you may improve your dental health by making minor variations to what you eat.  Nutritional consultations are especially important for children.