Dental Implants

For many years, conventional replacement restorations like removable acrylic partial and complete dentures, cast partial dentures and bridges were the only options available for replacing missing natural teeth. But these restorations have many drawbacks as compared to their benefits. Removable dentures always need to be taken care of when they are out of the mouth, can be lost, and have an artificial feeling about them. Some cases of denture ingestion have also been reported in the past. Bridges are much better than removable dentures but these require removal of sound tooth structure of adjacent healthy teeth for the purpose of support and stability.

The advent of dental implants has solved these problems for patients who are missing natural teeth. You can now have a replacement tooth almost identical to your missing natural tooth. Dental implants act just like a natural tooth’s root and are considered as an ultimate life-like replacement restoration in true sense. Dental implants develop a direct attachment with the healthy alveolar bone upon which the dental crown prosthesis is placed. Dental implants are directly placed within the missing tooth socket and these do not require cutting of sound enamel of adjacent teeth. This life-like prosthesis gives a psychological relief to you, and your confidence at work will be increased. Patients feel they are back in business after getting dental implants. The fixed nature of dental implants allows you to talk, eat, drink and work without the fear of getting your teeth dislodged like removable dentures. Dental implants transmit almost all the sensation when you eat or drink like hot, cold, sweet and sour and you will feel just like having your own natural teeth back. Dental implants also have a better structural and functional aesthetic value.

The procedure of dental implant placement is somewhat technical and specialised. Skilled dental professionals at SunnyView Dental will carry out the procedure of dental implant placement for you using the latest equipment and method. The whole procedure involves two stages.  On your first visit, the dentist will administer local anesthesia to make the process pain free, followed by placing the dental implant within your alveolar bone through minor surgical procedure. You will be sent home for a few months after the surgical procedure. During this time period, the dental implant will make a connection with alveolar bone. This process is called Osseo-integration. During the second visit, an abutment and crown will be placed over the dental implant.

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