SunnyView Dental Denture Experts

An expert opinion matters in choosing the right denture.  At SunnyView Dental we have both an in-house Prosthodontist (dentist specializing in treatment for patient’s missing teeth) and Denturist.  From consultation through to treatment and custom appliances including implants, everything is taken care of inside our office.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are custom prosthetic appliances placed inside the mouth in order to replace a patient’s missing tooth or set of teeth. Patients with a lost tooth or teeth due to decay, accidents and periodontal problems may opt to have a denture fabricated for them.

Dentures may be classified into two variations: Full or Complete Dentures and Removable Partial Dentures.

Complete dentures are fabricated for patients without teeth. Full dentures are designed to completely adapt into the soft tissues and provide adequate mechanical stability during function. Full dentures are made in replacement of all the missing teeth. They provide a functional and esthetically pleasing tooth replacement that boost confidence and restore normal activity for patients without teeth.

Removable partial dentures, are created to replace few teeth that are absent in the mouth. Partial dentures need adequate planning and design from a skillful dentist. This is because the remaining teeth in the mouth may have drift or move into the open spaces, leading to bone loss in the jaw, There are times when dentists may need to re-contour or reshape some teeth to make them look more desirable and allow proper denture placement.

Implant Supported Dentures – enjoy food, better speech, and confidence in your dentures

Dentures no longer need to be cumbersome or embarrassing. SunnyView Dental offers implant supported dentures that provide superior comfort and results to traditional dentures.  An implant anchored denture has many benefits.  Your denture will stay in place and not fall out of your mouth. You will not have the stress or potential embarrassment with friends or family of your denture popping out. Your speech will be improve since your denture will not be relying on suction to stay in place; and you will be able to eat food that a regular denture would not tolerate. At SunnyView Dental we offer the highest level of treatment and care with the added service of billing your insurance directly. Patients without insurance can also take advantage of 0% interest financing through HealthSmart.

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