Comprehensive Examinations

A comprensive dental exam is the first step towards achieving a healthy, beautiful smile.

At SunnyView Dental, everything starts from a good diagnostic review of your oral health. There’s no other way to tell how well your oral health is than to have a thorough dental examination done by a licensed and certified dentist.

SunnyView Dental understands the value of providing high quality dental care while meeting the demands of our patients. However, before any treatment is done, a thorough and comprehensive dental examination must be performed in order to determine your current condition and the treatment procedures we may recommend later on.

During a comprehensive dental examination, our Dentists will examine and evaluate not only your teeth and your gums but everything related to your overall oral health.

A comprehensive dental examination includes:

  • Acquiring and recording information about your medical and dental history. This allows the dentist to know your overall health status and its relation to your oral health.
  • An oral cancer screening procedure which is comprised of a complete examination of your neck, lymph nodes, salivary glands, lips, tongue and the soft tissues inside your mouth. This is done by the dentist not only to check for oral cancer signs and symptoms but also to check for any swellings or abnormalities caused by dental related infections.
  • An evaluation of your jaw and its movement is also performed to see if there are any clicking or popping sounds or pain perceived during mouth opening/ closing.  The presence of such condition is an indication of a potential temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problem which must be addressed immediately.
  • An in-depth analysis of your bite/occlusion is also done to check for the presence of bite problems which could cause TMJ disorders.
  • A general assessment of your periodontal condition is also carried out by measuring the depth of the gums and recording any signs of bleeding which may indicate a periodontal disease.
  • A careful and systematically conducted tooth examination is keenly executed to determine which teeth are missing, has caries, cavities, cracks, fractured restorations and other defects that needs immediate attention.
  • The use of a digital diagnostic x-rays that provide great help in showing the tooth surfaces and the quality of the bone supporting it which cannot be seen directly by the naked eye.

Upon knowing your dental concerns and the condition of your teeth, gums and other structures, a sound and concrete treatment plan will be made by your dentist.  This treatment plan is custom tailored to keep your oral health in good shape. Having your comprehensive dental exam done at least on an annual basis will ensure not only that you maintain good dental health but may also help prevent more serious dental problems later on.