Clenching and Grinding Therapy

Stop Headaches. Reduce Stress. Get a Nightguard.

Stop waking up in the morning with a headache.

Night grinding is a condition that occurs in about one fifth of the adult population. Most patients are unaware that they actually experience clenching at night while they sleep only to experience severe discomfort when they wake up.

A nightguard, also known as a bite splint, is a type of dental appliance designed to protect patients who experience teeth clenching and grinding as they sleep.

What Could Bruxism Do To Me?

The cause of nocturnal bruxism or night grinding is still unknown at present. However, many studies correlate stress to its occurrence. When you unconsciously grind your teeth at night, the heavy grinding force wears them down and worse, cause them to chip off or fracture. Clenching at night also makes your jaw muscles exert too much effort making them tired and tender when you wake up.

Symptoms like ear pain, pain in opening the mouth and swollen jaw muscles may indicate problems within the jaw joint that can be caused or aggravated by bruxism. With continuous teeth grinding, damage and pain on the jaw joint will soon get worse.

How Can We Prevent Bruxism?

Our dentists at SunnyView Dental will fit you with a custom nightguard that is likely 80% to 100% covered by your existing insurance policy and can be billed directly to your insurance, resulting in little or zero out of pocket patient cost.

Having your very own customized night guard will ensure that your teeth are in safe hands while you sleep.

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