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Your smile tells the world something about who you are.

Oral Hygiene Instructions

What you eat plays a major role in preventing or promoting dental caries or gum diseases.

Nutritional Consultation

Have you had your oral cancer screening? Although often overlooked, it is far important than you may think.

Oral Cancer Screening

Custom sports mouthguards provide protection to the teeth, surrounding tissues, and jaw against trauma that is caused by contact sports.

Custom Sports Mouthguards

Snoring can be annoying to people who sleep in close proximity to you.

Snoring Appliances

There are some reasons why you need a tooth to be extracted.

Dental Extractions

A Root canal is a common dental procedure that is done on a tooth that has decayed or has been damaged.

Root Canal Treatment

Zoom teeth whitening is a new method of teeth bleaching that can do wonders for you.

Zoom Whitening

What Your Need to Know About Porcelain Veneers.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental implants act just like a natural tooth’s root and are considered as an ultimate life-like replacement restoration in true sense.


Just pops right in and snaps in place.

Snap-On Smile

A comprensive dental exam is the first step towards achieving a healthy, beautiful smile.

Comprehensive Dental Exam

The chief complaint of most of the patients visiting a dental office is bleeding of gums during tooth brushing and eating.

Professional Dental Cleaning

The enamel layer of our tooth loses and acquires minerals every now and then through the process of demineralization and remineralization.

Dental Fluoride Treatment

Dental sealant is a thin plastic coating that is placed on the molars and premolars.

Dental Sealants

Fillings are common with dental patients who suffer from teeth damaged by decay and cavities.

Dental Fillings

Night grinding is a condition that occurs in about one fifth of the adult population.

Clenching and Grinding Therapy

An expert opinion matters in choosing the right denture.


Crowns or bridges are used by dentists to replace a missing tooth or to restore a broken tooth.

Crowns and Bridges

In dentistry, bonding is a method by which a tooth-colored resin is used to repair decayed, chipped, or discoloured tooth.


SunnyView Dental is pleased to offer our patients Emergency Dental Care.

Same Day Emergency

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is an odorless and colorless gas that is famously known as the laughing gas.

Nitrous Oxide - Laughing Gas