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The chief complaint of most of the patients visiting a dental office is bleeding of gums during tooth brushing and eating. Along with bleeding gums, patients often complain about discoloration of teeth and foul smell from mouth which is increasing with the passage of time.  On examination, the dentist tells them that they are suffering from gum disease due to the deposition of tartar or calculus on their teeth and between teeth and gums as well. The solution of the problem is to get professional dental cleaning of teeth which is also termed as dental scaling or oral prophylaxis.

The most obvious questions which pop up in the minds of patients upon this advice are discussed here.

Q. What is dental plaque and tartar?

A. Soon after brushing your teeth, a thin layer or pellicle is formed over the surface of teeth which can be easily removed with the help of tooth brushing or mouth rinses. This thin layer of debris invaded by bacteria in a few hours and is called as dental plaque. With the passage of time, minerals are deposited within this plaque layer and it becomes hard. After about a period of 48 hours, the mineralization of dental plaque is completed and now it cannot be removed without the help of high speed dental instruments. This adherent hard layer is termed as tartar or dental calculus.

Q. What is dental scaling?

A. Tartar or dental calculus can be removed with the help of sharp dental instruments. This process is called dental scaling or professional tooth cleaning.

Q. What is the importance of dental scaling treatment? Is it very necessary?

A. Professional dental cleanings are essential for the thorough removal of brown, yellow, grey, green or black hard deposits or scales on the surface of teeth and between gums and teeth. These deposits are the culprits which allow the bacteria to get attached and cause gum diseases. Maintenance of optimal oral health is dependent upon professional dental cleanings.

Q. How often should we go for professional dental cleaning in a year?

A. You should consult your dentist at SunnyView Dental for your regular dental check up and cleaning at least twice a year. Some dental professionals advise it once a year depending upon your oral hygiene conditions.

Q. What will be the procedure of professional dental cleaning?

A. It can be carried out through hand instruments or mechanical ultrasonic instruments depending upon the hardness and adherence of tartar. Nowadays ultrasonic scalers are used which consist of a hand piece and ultrasonic tip. Ultrasonic tip vibrates at a very high speed to dislodge the calculus deposits. Water coolant is used for dissipating the heat produced in the process.

Q. How painful will be professional dental cleaning?

A. Skilled dental professionals at SunnyView Dental will administer local anesthesia before carrying out the cleaning procedure to make it painless for you.

Q. How much bleeding will occur?

A. Mild to moderate Bleeding may occur during the procedure due to inflamed gums.

Q. Are there any necessary precautions to be taken before getting dental cleaning procedure?

A. If you are suffering from a bleeding disorder or heart disease, you need to follow standard precautions before your dental cleaning done. Dentists at SunnyView Dental will guide you in such conditions. Your safety is our first priority.

Q. What are the side effects of dental cleaning?

A. Mild to moderate sensitivity may occur after scaling procedure but this condition is temporary. You will be advised to use a desensitizing tooth paste and mouthwash for some time.

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